We are an entrepreneurial, strategic, creative and commercial partner.
We add value across 4 main areas.

1. Innovation, Digital Transformation & Product Development

We apply our startup mindset to design user experiences, prototypes and testing mvps. We launch early together with customers to get feedback and scale with our selected development partners, using proven methods and systems.

2. We are Super Connectors

We engage our trusted network to establish new business opportunities, launch new products and services in new markets. We facilitate introductions to potential customers, partners and co-investors.

3. Strategy, Communications & Brand Building

We save time and money by providing clarity in your communication, from brand building to investor presentations. Our guidance and energy is poured into strategic input, ideation, content creation and themed events. We create awareness and stories that also become searchable digital assets.

4. Team Coaching & Mentorship

As Founders ourselves we are aware of the challenges that show up on the journey. We are a trustworthy partner to lean on, always within reach for a conversation. We attract and develop top talents within our established network.

Case Study:


Hippoly is a digital board tool that makes it easier for Founders and Board members to communicate, collaborate and organise themselves in one secure place.

Some of the features includes:

Drag and drop to attach files, set time and assign agenda items to your team.

Personal calendar with automatic updates 

Integrated video meetings & real time chat 

Add minutes and sign everything securely and electronically

“We came over to London for 2 days, it was super effective. Martin took us on a ‘mini tour’, with back-to-back meetings at C-level. Martin is our man in London”

Ola Gravenfors, Co-Founder Hippoly

The Founders of Hippoly are based in Gothenburg, Sweden and have experience in building and selling software products and services in the Nordics. 

BLaO has experience in helping Scandinavian companies on the U.K market and suggested that Hippoly should test the U.K market first as part of their international expansion. 

Ola, Founder of Hippoly, was really excited about this idea and we decided to prepare for a U.K launch.

We started scoping and recommending open U.K data sources that could integrate nicely with the U.K version of the Hippoly application.

We did a targeted user test, with introductions to potential customers and partners with a large user base of companies with board representations, including VC funds, business consultancies and service platforms. This approach gave Hippoly exposure to thousands of new potential customers.

BLaO is supporting Hippoly on the ground in the U.K with their expansion, including user testing, product market fit and introductions to new customers and scaling partners.

Case Study:


Fashion brands are struggling to keep up with the growing consumer demand for sustainability. Consumers are becoming more critical about what they wear. They want clothes that fit them perfectly, are made out of natural materials, and are manufactured using methods that are clean, transparent, and produce zero waste. 

MycoTEX is a company based in Amsterdam, Holland, offering an award winning, all-in-one solution for brands. 

They use a seamless production technology to create custom-fit products out of sustainable, vegan textiles made from mycelium (mushroom roots). This groundbreaking manufacturing method solves several major issues in the fashion, interior and automotive industry:

Reduces the cost, waste, and labour-intensity of cut & sew operations

Replaces plastics and leathers with compostable materials

Improves the comfort and fit of fashion products

“Their combination of commercial background with a visionary mind has proven to be very effective”

Aniela Hoitink, Founder Neffa and MycoTEX

The Founder Aniela Hoitink is considered to be one of the 100 most innovative women in the world. She has been named one of the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneers of 2020 and she won the Global Change Award in 2018.

“During our first conversation Martin and Ghilaine were able to address the needs that we felt we were having.

Their combination of commercial background with a visionair mind has proven to be very effective.

In 6 months we have developed a business plan focussing on the MycoTEX story, vision, strategy, market, competition research, product development, business modelling and financing.

In line with mother company NEFFA, this has been made into a modular plan, which can easily be adapted for the different target groups, f.e. potential investors, partners, customers, etc. And as a bonus we developed a business model with a forecast, products, assumptions, reporting, employees and marketing tab.”

BLaO has been a great help in setting the right focus and building up the structure of our company. We feel that our collaboration was very fruitful and fun at the same time.”

Aniela Hoitink, was mentored as part of the WEAR SUSTAIN programme by Ghilaine Chan and Martin Malii-Karlsson from BLaO.

Case Study:


Autsera helps children communicate and interact socially through smart, science-based, and engaging educational game apps.

They aim to democratise social communication skills training for all children. They use games, science, and personalisation to empower children with the social and communication skills they need to become independent, to have the confidence to dream and the tools to achieve their dreams.

The Founders Inas Ismail and Omar Massoud from Autsera were mentored by Martin Malii-Karlsson from BLaO over a 6 months period, as part of the We in Social tech programme, funded by Deutsche Bank.  In our mentoring sessions we worked on communication and layouts of a pitch deck.  

We discussed early mockups and development methodologies such as sprints of an minimal viable product and various approaches in marketing and sales. Martin introduced the Founders to game developers and game strategists in his network.

The Founders Inas and Omar have gone from strength to strength, winning multiple UK Innovation grants and are supported by Google for Startups, Vodafone Institute for Society and Communication and Yunus Social Business. We at BLaO are very excited to see what will come out of their game development lab in the coming years.