We develop and deliver innovation, accelerators and regeneration programmes with academic, commercial and public sector clients, to boost Economic and Social Development.


A new National Centre for Creativity enabled by Artificial Intelligence

Why CebAI?

City, University of London is establishing a new National Centre for Creativity enabled by Artificial Intelligence (CebAI), led by Professor Neil Maiden, Professor of Digital Creativity at City’s Business School.

CebAI will provide new types of services that will combine artificial intelligence algorithms, interactive tools, creativity consulting practices and leadership training into new offerings for business partners. CebAI is a £6.2m project funded by Research England (UKRI), City University and industrial partners.

Our Input

BLaO curated a new annual conference for CebAI, called Creative.comm, to discuss commercial opportunities and share best practices between academia and the commercial sector. We invited keynote speakers and curated themes such as monetise creativity using AI, decentralized technology, the future of collaboration, regeneration and digital transformation and ethics in AI.

We developed marketing strategies, editorial planning and creative content in collaboration with the CebAI team.

The conference went live the 13th of Sept 2021

We launch and support innovative programmes, often under a theme, such as AI, Women in Technology, Tech for good, Wearables, Sustainability, Visualization and Venture labs.

We in Social Tech (WiST)

The Accelerator for Female Social Tech Founders

Why We in Social Tech?

Women in the technology sector face greater challenges and obstacles to success than men. Research shows that women are sorely underrepresented with less than 7% of tech jobs in Europe filled by women. 

There is a lack of role models, gross pay inequality, as well as challenges in raising finance. In wider entrepreneurship terms, women are still in the minority despite having the potential to make a huge impact. 

Through providing structured and bespoke support to female-led businesses we can work together to remove these barriers. Technology and innovative business models have the potential to solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental and societal problems. 

We in Social Tech offers four cohorts of 20 women-led businesses 6 months of comprehensive business consultancy, growth mentoring, access to industry experts and a collaborative workspace to help you grow your business. 

Our Input

BLaO was the launch agency for the WiST growth accelerator programme.

We put together a dedicated team, including an operational advisor,  graphic designers, copywriters, social media manager and web developers. 

We developed marketing strategies, branding including the creation of the name and logo and delivered creative editorial content and website development. 

We co-sourced Female Social Tech Founders for three cohorts over two years from our network. 

Rachel and Martin, from BLaO also mentored several businesses in the programme.

  • 250 sourced Female led social tech businesses
  • 60 accelerated Female Founders in social tech, 3 cohorts over 2 years.

Crossover Nordic

an international creative content lab for web & mobile apps, games, TV and Film.

Why Crossover Nordic?

People from different disciplines need to come together and collaborate to develop groundbreaking content and services, made possible by emerging technology, for a new generation of digital natives.

Top Producers and Developers from the gaming, mobile, film and TV industry, from 4 Nordic countries, joined the lab to explore the creative and commercial challenges of developing new content and services for digital platforms. The rapid development lab was set up in a remote location, on an Island on the Swedish West coast. The Mentors coached the participants and introduced new methodologies and techniques to boost creative thinking and collaboration.

“High quality, fast paced and super stuffed. Need some time to digest everything, but I can already tell that it has been a real injection for my creativity.” 

The lab was facilitated by world leading mentors Frank Boyd, BBC innovation lab and Founder member of the BAFTA Interactive entertainment awards, Paula Le Dieu, BFI, Jason Daponte. Chief Editor at BBC mobile, and Neil Richard, award winning Games and Novel writer.

Our Input

BLaO was the initiator and executive producer of Crossover Nordic.

We brought together industry partners and managed stakeholders, including raising all the funds from sponsors within our established Nordic network.

We sourced 21 top producers and developers from four Nordic countries, from different disciplines in games, apps, mobile, film and TV. 

We contracted venues and arranged logistics for participants from 5 different countries.

  • 21 Nordic Founders of Games, Apps, Film and TV.

  • 81 new interactive format ideas

  • 6  formats shortlisted for pitching in front of Nordic content buyers and 1 winner of development money.

  • 9 Nordic Industry Sponsors and 5 Supporting Partners

Crossover Nordic was sponsored by Västra Götalands Regionen, Region Skåne, Swedish TV, Business Region Göteborg, Nordic Film and TV fund, Nordic Games Fund, Danish Film institute, Film i Väst, Centre for Visualization and European Regional Development Fund.