Robert W. Kiboy


Robert Waweru Kiboy is a multitalented media content producer, talent developer
& youth empowerment champion. He moved
to Sweden in 1984, where he was introduced to music performing and
production through a public youth development center (TBV). He got to
experience diverse and different ways of expression ranging from the hardest heavy metal to the entirely digital synthesized music. He learned how to compose and produce at the youth center and at the age of 20, the natural step was to pursue a professional career in music. He founded the BLaO Entertainment AB production company that between 1996-2007 earned him a recognized brand in the scene and 2 Grammy nominations to show for it. In Kenya, he founded the label and non-profit initiative Penya Africa which has developed and produced some of the biggest Kenyan entertainers such as Stan, Dela, Sauti Sol & Muthoni the Drummer Queen.

Robert is also known as ‘Wawesh’ and is personally as a music producer behind the following music projects (Penya Africa);

  1. Kenya Debut – Stan

  2. Paukwa – Dela

  3. Mwanzo – Sauti Sol

  4. Sol Filosofia – Sauti Sol

  5. The Human Condition – Muthoni the Drummer Queen

After having produced and managed Penya Africa and achieving the goal he is now working via his own NGO Uwezo Awareness Organization . As an executive partner for the Talanta Mtaani Youth Empowerment Program having three integrated programs comprising of the Talanta Mtaani Show, the PIMA capacity Program and the Employability program.

With the main aim of expanding the socio – economic opportunities for the youth from the ‘mtaas’, the Talanta Mtaani Youth Empowerment Program is a champion of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals 4 and 8 on quality education and decent work and economic growth respectively. The program advocates for technical and vocational training as a gateway to alternative livelihoods as well as aligning with the target to substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment by providing all rounded social development which is key to the achievement of these SDGs.

The Talanta Mtaani Youth Empowerment has the following integrated programs; Talanta Mtaani Show program, PIMA capacity building program and the Employability program. Talanta Mtaani Show program is a television programme that seeks to unlock the youths’potential in the creative industry towards socio-economic opportunities. The television show has been airing on KTN Home and has seen over 1000 young people go through audition, training and exposure of their diverse artistic talents since 2017. The show has had a weekly average 1.5 million viewership.