“We make Entrepreneurship available to everyone”

The startup eco-system is biased

When we were observing the startup eco-system, we saw that the same group of people and their ideas got funded over and over again, by the same homogeneous group of investors and their thesis.

We lead a Founders movement and have supported hundreds of talented Entrepreneurs

We have co-launched multiple venture labs, tech incubators and accelerators to support hundreds of under-represented entrepreneurs.

Our curious dream team, from different disciplines is making it possible

Visionary doers, super connectors, ux lovers, gamers, hackers, academic geeks, magic operators, number crunchers, talent & wellbeing coaches, artists, influencers and market heroes. We come together to solve problems using proven methods and new technology.

An open culture, shared values, accountability and trust

We inspire each other to new learning and challenge ourselves to push boundaries everyday, whilst having fun doing it.

The journey started in Gothenburg, Sweden

Robert Kiboy and Martin Malii-Karlsson founded BLaO Entertainment, in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1999. A successful songwriting & production team, studio, management, publishing and label. 


An award winning studio

BLaO studio, was a melting pot for young talents from many cultures and nationalities including Tanzania, Pakistan, Kenya, Nigeria, Sweden, U.K, Russia, U.S, Uganda, Morocco, Iran and Ghana.

In 2006 the Founders parted ways to explore new routes. Kiboy to Nairobi and Malii to London.

The Follow Me - eco system

In 2020, Kiboy and Malii reunited with bags of new experiences. Kiboy had developed and was the judge of the biggest talent show in East Africa, on Kenyan national TV. He had also been active in social development in East Africa. Malii had transitioned into building tech ventures in Sustainability, Design and Technology with diverse and purpose driven Founders.

Together we ignited a long term vision of creating a platform where creative talents can thrive and build sustainable ventures together across Europe and Africa.


Martin Malii-Karlsson


Martin is architecting our vision towards a better future and loves co-venturing startups with clever user design and innovative technology. He is a Swedish serial Entrepreneur, based in London since 2006 and a keen promoter of positive change and empowerment of new talents.

Rachel Lasebikan


Rachel leads on our communication and delivery of innovation partner programs. She is an Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience and specialises in Academia and Industry together for social change.

Robert W. Kiboy


Robert is an established youth empowerment champion, talent developer and grammy-nominated producer that leads our venture efforts in Africa. He remains devoted to develop innovative creatives to be influential agents of change both locally & internationally.